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The amazing attraction of the sink.


I was expecting to see another cat and then… A RACCOON?! What the—?


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First Look at Miyazaki’s New Manga

The 72-year-old legend, Hayao Miyazaki, has said to retire after his latest film, The Wind Rises, releases. Well, The Wind Rises was released in June of Japan and will release early next year in the United States, but it seems like Miyazaki is enjoying his “retirement,” by working on something new: a manga based off of samurai in the Warring States era of Japan. No word on this manga releasing soon, but it’s a promising bit of info for those wanting more from Miyazaki, post-directing!

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plage sur Cayo Jutias (by ichauvel)


plage sur Cayo Jutias (by ichauvel)

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